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carmen wks 4.0 its the new generation of POS software, where supermarket Point of Sale and management System stands out for its powerful touch screen POS and easy to use interface. carmen Supermarket POS software gathers the best key points of Retail Software Systems for Supermaket and the best of Hospitality Touch Screen Software. This hybrid design simplifies to the extreme the most difficult activities done in a supermarket.

carmen Point of Sale System makes possible an easy management of your supermarkets and turns into a child�s play activities such as create new articles by just scanning the bar codes, print tags of any shape, kind and size, exhaustive stock control of one or several supermarkets, reception of new stock, register any product return or pay back, generate discount coupons, weight, read intelligent bar codes with automatic prize read�. Etc


Overall. Easy to use. carmen wks supermarket Point of Sale software has been designed since the beginning, to be easy to use for everyone, with no age or knowledge limitation. This feature allows you to reduce the inconvenient of staff turnover and training times.
A search engine similar to “google” can find any article quickly. The search group feature allows you to find any article in de DB at any time since the moment of the creation of this register.

Bar Code Plug & Play. An innovative bar code auto-detection system allows the creation of new articles with the provider bar code in just two easy steps and from the main screen, so you can use it immediately and without re-tagging.

Bar codes with weight information. In a supermarket you can find code bars with specific information about price, weight, article code, etc. carmen wks POS software process this intelligent bar codes and read the additional information to include it in the ticket automatically. This also can be done in the same way in departments with scales such as fruit department, butchery, fishmonger…

Invoicing and Ticketing in the same Touch Screen Terminal. The revolutionary carmen 4.0 POS syste for supermarkets interface creates easily and quickly tickets and turns into a client invoice in just a second. You can also manage from the tactile terminal received material from provider, manage delivery notes, invoices, payments… everything done easily and intuitively.
Stock information always visible in the buttons. Your available stock information is always visible in the button of the product and by just pressing and holding the button it also shows your actual stock, pending of arrive, reserved stock, etc.carmen supermarket Point of Sale Software is a whole management supermarket software for one grocery store or a franchise, allowing you to control just one shop or several and shows you in every moment the overall stock remaining by just pressing for a few seconds the buttons.  

Tele-Deployment. carmen supermarket point of sales system is so easy you will not need a technician during the installation process. You can opt for a teleprensence guided installation, more economic and efficient. Or you can also contact one of our technicians if needed.
carmen wks 4.0 supermarket Point of Sale Software is a whole management system, we also provide and install all the machinery related, bar code scanners, Touch Screen Point Of Sales with integrated Scales, Scales, Intelligent Bar Code Scanners integrated in the carts… etc.


garantia carmen wks


A team of 50 of our engineers has analysed the best 50 management supermarket software in the market, comparing each function with carmen wks supermarket POS software. carmen supermarket Point of Sale and management system unifies the main key points in just one software and also offers specialized features specifically deployed for supermarkets and grocery stores. We are so sure about this POS Software that we include a 30 days money back guarantee. If after 30 days of use carmen Point of Sale do not satisfies you we will return your money back, �with no questions�. It is just that easy.




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